A unique concept
without competitors!

Steak Frites St-Paul is the only French Bistro franchise where you can bring your own wine!

Join Steak Frites St-Paul and benefit from a unique, competitive position where there are no other comparable groups of restaurants that contend with you. Steak Frites St-Paul is the only French Bistro franchise where you can bring your own wine! Enjoy the success of a restaurant concept which has proven itself.

A 100% Bistro Menu

In the tradition of French Bistros, our menu offers a tasty variety of steaks, tartares, seafood and fish. Not to mention our famous “all you can eat” Belgian fries!

Our bistro menu is a real delight for our customers and many of them come to visit us with their tasteful bottles of wine. In fact, our rich selection of dishes allows wine lovers to enjoy an excellent culinary experience in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

With a Steak Frites St-Paul, you will attract gourmet customers who seek the authenticity of a pure French bistro.

The strength of a group

Leader in franchising, MTY has more than 50 banners and operates over 5,500 franchised restaurants. The strength of the negotiations, the strategic alliances and the expertise of the MTY Group represent a real advantage in this highly competitive cuisine sector.

With our training programs, our Steak Frites St-Paul franchisees can operate their restaurant efficiently. From the selection of the site to the hiring of your staff, our team is at your side at all times, so you can achieve success while being a part of the beautiful Steak Frites St-Paul family


France Dupont Testimonial

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What you need to know about the investment

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  • Remodel:$ 200,000
  • New Model:$ 750,000
  • Fees:5%
  • Advertising costs:3%
  • Down payment:30% of the project
  • Typical restaurant:3000-4000 square feet

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